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Leading Services

Of Industrial Cleaning

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We are leading UK industrial duct work cleaners
and auditing for risk, compliance and health & safety.

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Industrial kitchen solutions
for safety and maintenance

Ensure industrial standards and compliance
by maintaining your workplace environment

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Industrial auditing and cleaning
using state of the art equipment

Our equipment ranges from investigation duct work
cameras, flushing and cleaning equipment

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At ACSUK Group LTD, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of commercial and industrial cleaning and maintenance services such as kitchen extract, ductwork cleaning, cleaning audits, Food and safety audits, fire damper servicing and risk assessment.  Request a quote.

ACSUK Group LTD in the United Kingdom

Ductwork Cleaning

Ductwork Cleaning, Sanitisation, Health & Safety Audit, Insurance Reports, Filtering Systems, Installations, Duct Repair, System Overhaul, Air Quality Testing & Monitoring.

ACSUK Group LTD in the United Kingdom

Commercial & Industrial Cleaning

Daily Office Cleaning, Kitchen & Toilet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Outdoor Maintenance, Public House/Nightclub Cleaning, Emergency Clean Up (Fire/Flood/Accident), Carpet & Upholstery.

ACSUK Group LTD in the United Kingdom

Cleaning Audits

Cleaning Frequency Management, Comprehensive Reporting, Professional Advice, Action Planning, Hygiene Compliance, Pre-Inspection Audits, Task Prioritising.

ACSUK Group LTD in the United Kingdom

Risk Assessment

Expert Guidance, Risk Education, Insurance Compliance, Evaluation of Risk, Legislative Requirements, Safety Measures, Damage Limitation, Risk Management.

ACSUK Group LTD in the United Kingdom

Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Sanitisation, Grease Removal, Fire Prevention, Filter Replacement, Insurance Compliance, Maintenance Schedules, Site Surveys, Health & Saefty Obligations.

Fresh Air System Cleaning

General Ventilation Cleaning

It is important to maintain the cleaning of any ductwork and ventilation systems in the building your company uses.  This is paramount to the health and safety of your employees.  

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Tegras Duct Cleaning Equipment

Tegras Duct Cleaning Systems

ACSUK Group LTD, is a professional duct cleaning company that uses state of the art Tegras equipment to offer quality duct cleaning services.

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“We use professional industrial cleaning equipment to access and clean your complete ductwork system.

ACSUK Group LTD are Focused on Bringing You Professional Commercial Cleaning

ACSUK Group LTD clean, service, repair and maintain your ductwork, kitchen extraction and air conditioning systems. You could be breaking the law if your ductwork isn’t cleaned and maintained in accordance with UK laws!

Safety is everyone’s responsibility ACSUK Group LTD work on your behalf to ensure you meet your legal requirements. Our risk assessments and health & safety audits are comprehensive enough to provide you with all the health & safety and insurance requirements.

In order to comply with kitchen regulations and maintain healthy airflow ACSUK Group LTD offer filtration servicing which ensures that your kitchens are adequately ventilated and perform economically.

Ductwork cleaning can’t be ignored anymore with increased legislation and enforcement of the health and safety law. ACSUK Group LTD’s experienced ductwork cleaning team have been cleaning ductwork in Manchester, London and the rest of the UK for over 20 years!

We aim to raise awareness of the legal requirements of ductwork cleaning. Read on for more details on your responsibilities and what we can offer.

Our consistently high standards and professional levels of service provision are offered to a diverse range of businesses across the UK. We work with restaurants, coffee shops, building contractors and large offices to name just a few.

Our aim is to improve the quality of air you, your employees and customers breathe in every day. Our specialist cleaning technicians ensure all the systems that deliver this clean and fresh air are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

ACS UK believe in making a difference. We empower our employees to deliver an excellent level of service through specific training and supplying them with the best equipment for optimum results.

List Of Our Trusted Partners

We work with some of the top restaurants in London & the North-West of England.
We provide services to some well known companies within the UK and to ensure industrial standards and compliance in health and safety.  Building trusted, long lasting and mutually rewarding business relationships.
We are proud to deliver industrial solutions with our group to provide companies with a host of services such as protecting your employees through risk assessments, preventing fire risks through kitchen extraction cleaning, health and safety legislation compliance on ductwork cleaning,  hygiene responsibility through cleaning audits, safety hazard management in fire damping, food and safety regulations audits and providing a clean environment for the well-being of those who enter your premises whether it’s a client, employee or visitor. 

(*Trademark Notice: All client logos used in this page and website are registered trademarks or service marks of each respective company, and should not be considered an endorsement for, sponsorship of, affiliation with, or on-going relationship with ACSUK Group LTD.)

What our customers say about us

“Throughout our time working with ACS Cleaning & Maintenance their professional and courteous manner has complimented their worksmanship.”
“ACS provided a fast and efficient maintenance service.”
“Work was completed in a timely manner…”
“I would highly recommend ACS Cleaning & Maintenance and will continue to use their services.”

We cover all types of domestic and commercial properties, tailoring our services to meet your requirements. 

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