Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Manchester, UK

Regular and intensive cleaning of the commercial kitchen canopy, extraction and filters is of paramount importance. The canopy is the front-line of the kitchen extraction system and cleaning is essential because the kitchen canopy is usually positioned directly over food preparation and cooking areas. Issues regarding kitchen canopy cleanliness can affect both the kitchen extraction duct system or on the kitchen side of the canopy by bacteria, dust or grease falling onto the food preparation area.

Kitchen canopy and grill cleaning

The kitchen canopy must be regularly cleaned and inspected along with the kitchen extraction system and ductwork to ensure airborne particles are directed away from the kitchen and correctly trapped by the appropriate filters, with airflow continuing to the external vents.

Kitchen canopy filters

We work with industrial kitchens, commercial kitchens or hospitality providers, maintaining standards of health, safety and hygiene in compliance with British law and protecting customers, staff and the kitchen itself. Along with our compliance management services and our professional canopy and duct cleaning services we’ve got you covered.

  • Kitchen canopy and grill cleaning
  • Kitchen canopy filters
  • Grease filter cleaning

Grease filter cleaning

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