Cleaning Auditing Services UK
Our cleaning audits provide risk - based analysis and environmental cleanliness standards. By helping you identify the areas of priority
and time - frames for cleaning, your service is then able to gain a robust management plan.

ACSUK Group provide a full suite of cleaning management and auditing services for a variety of business sectors. We perform spot-checks and cleaning audits with monthly reports, advice and offer key insights into the best cleaning methods and improvements to your workflow to optimise cleanliness. Cleaning audits and regular spot-checks are the only way to ensure your workplace is clean and tidy from week-to-week, not just on inspection days. Our in-depth reports highlight potential problems before they become real problems; saving you time and money in the long-run. We work in-tandem with you and your employees to implement a culture-of cleanliness within your company so that cleanliness throughout the workplace is achieved more efficiently over time.

  • Cleaning audits
  • Spot-checks
  • TR19 compliance checks
  • Monthly reports and advice
  • Workflow improvement advice
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Legal Requirements
Regulations including the Workplace (Health & Welfare) Regulation 5 imposes a duty to clean mechanical ventilations systems (Duty of care).
Regulation 3 of the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 imposes a duty to conduct a risk assessment of the risks associated with ventilation systems. EC directives incorporated into the above legislation require that ventilation systems are properly cleaned and tested by a professional contractor.