Kitchen Extraction Cleaning
A clean kitchen extraction system is extremely important in order to prevent fire as well as the risk of the bacterial contamination
of food. ACSUK Group Ltd clean and maintain your kitchen extraction units professionally giving you time to
concentrate on the rest of your business.

If the extraction units within your kitchen are not cleaned properly, on a regular basis, grease left in the ductwork builds up over time making it more difficult and time consuming to remove. Failure to ensure regular cleaning of kitchen extract systems can also invalidate your industrial or commercial building’s insurance cover. You can take a look at some examples of our kitchen extract cleaning here. In many cases the canopy and filters are easy to access by your catering staff, however the hidden danger lay in the ductwork that passes through the building to the extraction point. A thorough clean by our specialists would be the advised way to adhere to health & safety regulations


Law requires that extraction systems in: Kitchens, Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs, Canteens, Food Production Areas, Hospitals, Schools and other similar working environments are cleaned in accordance with Fire Safety regulations and Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) regulations.

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Legal Requirements
The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into effect in April 2006. This places the onus on building operators to appoint a responsible person for fire safety and this responsible person needs to have a fire risk assessment carried out. A risk assessment should include any kitchen extract system within or passing through a building and should identify fire risks and ways of removing or reducing the risks. Failure to carry out a risk assessment and undertake risk reduction measures could, in the event of injury or death lead to an HSE prosecution of the individual(s) and company responsible. EC directives incorporated into the above legislation require that ventilation systems are properly cleaned and tested by a professional contractor.