Risk Assessment Services UK

Health and Safety, cleanliness and hygiene workplace risk assessment services from ACSUK Group ensure you meet current health and safety requirements and provide a safe and clean workplace for your staff and visitors. We provide all the help and guidance you need, together with in-depth reports highlighting areas where improvements can be made in work areas or in working practices and workflows.

Kitchen Risk Assessment

We’re happy to provide advice and managed solutions for your compliance strategy from specific considerations for system components, to risk assessment inspections, monitoring and testing. Cleaning methods with specific consideration for kitchen extract systems if applicable, hazardous contamination risks and verification of cleanliness for new equipment or freshly cleaned apparatus.

Restaurant Risk Assessment

  • legislation – health and safety law
  • Monitoring (inspection and testing) frequency
  • recommendation
  • identification and assessment of risk
  • Testing procedures
  • Preferred vacuum test (‘PvT’)
  • deposit thickness test (‘dTT’)